Pawfect Pals Animal Rescue

Happy Furever Home Tails

This is the feedback we got when asked if her new family would like to finalise their adoption of Xena…

“We are very sure that we could not have found a better dog for our family, and she has brought a lot of happiness to our lives. I am certain that she is happy with her new life with us as well. We are definitely adopting her.  We are currently camping at Inskip Point for a month and she is having the best time here. I am not sure if she has ever been to the beach before but the first time we walked her down  there was so exciting for her.”

Roy’s family is very happy with their new addition….
“Roy is perfect! He has settled in beautifully and we can’t imagine life without him – please go ahead and make his adoption  official! We have daily walks around the nursery, heaps of cuddles, and beach trips on the weekends. The kids are completely besotted with him, and he’s so gentle. My little 4yo was walking him the day he arrived and she tripped over – he immediately stopped and sat beside her until she picked herself up off the ground! What a good boy. “

Ellie was adopted by a beautiful little family who, when they saw her, just couldn’t look past her. She reminded the family a lot of the husband’s dog from his childhood- and she has lived up to their expectations! She wont be coming back to us, she’s settled in and stolen their hearts! Another doggy soulmate has found her family!

Bowie has hit the jackpot with this gorgeous, large family! There are 5 children to help tire him out with throwing balls all the time and lots of space for him to run and play.
The family are very happy with how he’s settled in with their family and love his gorgeous, cuddly personality!
Bowie has found his pawfect furever home, and we couldn’t be happier!

Cindy was lucky enough to meet her adopters at the Dog Lover’s Show in Brisbane in early November- it was love at first sight!!
Cindy, now named Brandy is well loved and provides her family with lots of love and affection in return. She is lucky enough to have a doggy friend to keep her company. Cindy is still a puppy at heart and her family is learning to deal with the energy that comes with having a puppy around, but they cannot imagine life without her. She’s found her soulmates!

Nacho was Soulmates 4 Life Dog Rescue’s first interstate adoption, and he has gone to a wonderful family who wanted a red Australian Cattle Dog pup, after their previous cattle dog passed away at 16 years of age. Nacho is settling in in true cattle dog puppy style- with all of the energy, nipping and mischief that he can muster.
Nacho’s family are keeping his name, as they believe it suits his personality and are so happy that they were able to adopt him from us.

Kiwi has found her new home! Here she is giving her new dad some lovin’. Such a gorgeous match! In her new home, Kiwi has met the resident cats, claimed her bed and is settling in well with her new family. She will be off walking and exploring new places with her new Mum and Dad in no time at all!

Stay tuned to read about our successful adoptions!